Definition and selection of the most optimal Waste Logistics under changing demands require sophisticated analysis and assessment of multiple parameters and influencing factors. The daily operational business often does not allow such specific and deep investigations of the required criteria. IMELO CONSULT has been developed to define a specific customized Waste-Logistics-Set-Up by the help of professional Advisory Services. Within the scope of individual and flexible customer oriented projects all relevant parameter for the Waste Logistics are collected and compiled to a performance and cost analysis.

IMELO Consolut
  • Area structures
  • Number of inhabitants
  • Waste amounts and Waste composition
  • Bin/Container systems and vehicles
  • Collection frequencies
  • Number of bins/containers and vehicles
  • Costs per inhabitant/year
  • Costs per Waste stream
  • Operative Waste Logistics costs
  • Costs of Invest and Operation
  • Transparent Tender Calculation Support
  • Validation of existing Waste Logistics
  • Neutral assessment of the specific situation by the help of professional Advisory Services
  • Efficient modelling of new Waste Collection Concepts
IMELO Consolut