Precise, efficient as well as transparent planning and controls of Waste Logistics processes is more important than ever before. The utilization of the right tools is one of the key factors for a successful operation.

The Productline IMELO OFFICE pays off by the practise oriented functionalities of the different software modules and thus is the optimal Planning – and Controlling Tool for a modern Waste Logistics and electronic order processing.


With a decision for DISPO you decide which processes shall be controlled by IMELO. All data which are generated in DISPO can be transmitted to customer specific software interfaces for a further utilization of these data.

Assembly & Distribution ManagementAssembly & Distribution Management
  • Integration of District Data
  • Geo-Coding Process with Quality Check
  • Address Data Management
  • Delivery Planning and Management
  • Delivery Routing
  • Print Management for letters and labels
District and Route PlanningDistrict and Route Planning
  • Efficient District and Route Planning by the help of visual planning tools
  • Automatic calculation of bin/container numbers and volumes
  • Streetside specific Route Optimization
  • Reduction of inefficient collection routes by precise planning of the collection tours
Order and Asset ManagementOrder and Asset Management
  • Central Order Management module for Waste Logistics processes
  • Integrated bin/container Management Tool (Claims, Amendmend Services, Bin Services, Black & Whitelist Management, Lost Reports)
  • Address and Customer Data Management
Vehicle DispositionVehicle Disposition
  • Central Disposition of all vehicles
  • Connection of orders and vehicles
  • Optimal Vehicle Disposition by modern Navigation Tools
  • Order Lists on single vehicle base
  • Order Take Over from integrated order management or from subsystems
Fleet TrackingFleet Tracking
  • Integrated Fleet Tracking with Live Mode Option
  • Geo-Coded Telematics and Performance Data
  • Event Tagging with Collection Information and optionally collected weights
  • Layer Functions to reduce crossing of district borders
  • Transparent Performance Data Report as single vehicle or fleet view


DISPO ONLINE is the ready-to-go solution for an efficient Container Management and Filling Level Surveillance System. The direct access to different sensors in the field allows a transparent overview on the status of the various containers – available for all types of containers, depot containers, underground ontainers, skips etc.

Efficiency Optimization by optimal Fleet Management starts with a transparent overview on container locations.

The IMELO Filling Level Sensors and The IMELO Container Tracking Modules allow to automate a wide range of processes.

  • Alerts on positions and/or filling levels
  • Collection and filling level behaviour
  • Forecast functionality on filling levels to be expected
  • On Demand Planning of collections
  • Order data transmission to IMELO DISPO
  • Status Reports of the modules